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Welcome to my site! Enjoy my blogs and watch as I set up a store page soon, that will only contain organic, eco friendly, quality, products, that I find invaluable, and recommend, for organic living, and are useful in the sustainable homesteaders lifestyle.

Welcome to my Blog. Many of us around the World find ourselves Getting Off Grid right now. Sustainable homesteading is rising in popularity as people choose to live a lifestyle in which they can live up to their ideals,  in line with the environmental and social agendas and issues we face today. I guess its a choice that we want to make work. Let me share my Story, my lessons, and wisdom I’ve learnt so far with you. This is my journey living remotely and off the Grid and transitioning to a sustainable organic lifestyle. My partner and I are slowly creating an oganic home and garden for our future family and pets and animals. This is us Detoxing our home and Lifestyle and building a sustainable way of life on our land.

My motivation for writing this blog and recommending the products and advice on resources that may be helpful, is to see others do the same thing. Becoming self sufficient, living a sustainable lifestyle, and showing that we can live a rich and abundant life, independent of the electrical grids and relying on energy companies, we can look to supply our own organic sustainable food and even rearing animals for yourself that this might be done in a resorce friendly fashion that is also a sustainable practice, a way forward for a future that can sustain life, independent and consuming less and less which creates less waste, cost, pollution, and irreversible impact on the environment.

We support the practice of heading towards a zero waste, chemical free, and plastic free lifestyle and home.

An organic lifestyle doesnt come about overnight. As we change our habits so that over time this will become our way of life and we support all those with the same ideas and ideals, no matter what stage in the phase out you are in.

The more we can sustain ourselves on our own the less we impact leave on mother earth. When we actually look at what’s happening in our earth’s environment these days, it can be a little overwhelming , and I guess in the end, all we can do is affect the amount that is created by you’re own household and encourage healthy sustainable practices for all. After all an economy propegated by consumption will be it’s very nature continue to support the very notion that maintains it, consuming. It may try to be more sustainable or eventually collapse, but it will still be pro consumption, as it still is an economy. I think we need a complete paradigm shift for us to stop this climate shift that’s already unavoidably.

I will document my life as we go about our normal day to day activities, conserving our energy, solar, gas, using our grey water wisely in our garden and planning the water recourses for our future needs. Growing and producing more food for ourselves and using resorces carefully.

I have some education and interest in the following feilds. Biology, chemistry, mathmatics, education, horticulture, agriculture, natural health, including naturapathy, homoepathy, iridology, crystal therapy, dowsing, enviromental practices, energetic healing and vibrational theory, spritual healing, silver smithing, jewellery making, and cosmetology. Though i am not an expert in any of these feilds, I’m more a jack of all trades, master of none.

We are building our home bit by bit, renovating and adding to the infrastucture we have on our property, we are creating a greener cleaner little part of the world.

At the moment we are living in two half kitted out sheds that we intend on renovating together and building the interiors. There is a third shed that is bathroom / laundry. The interior walls ceiling and floors are yet to be finished in all sheds.

So follow my journey, I can show you many lessons already learned that might save you years or thousands.


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