Sage Incence DIY Smudge Sticks

Easily make your own diy smudge sticks with sage from garden. Then use to do a cleanse your home or other area.

Vibrant lush herbs over spilling garden . Comfrey , curry plant, mint, oregano and sage.
Gather sage from herb garden.

Traditionally a smudging is done with a bundle of dry white sage . White sage had been used by the traditional american people in healing spiritual and energy works.

Incense is used all over the world and in churches to cleanse the space spiritually. Smoke had always been used as a traditional method cleaning spiritual energies ask over the world.

I use smudge sticks to cleanse my home of any negative energies, or just any bad vibrations or spiritual energies that can attached or dwell in the space over time. Or even as a simple air freshener. I will Especially smudge my home if someone had come into my area that I don’t particularly like their energy or head space .

A simple ritual using lit dried sage leaves on a saucer and you can use feathers to waft the smoke throughout the area your cleansing. It’s good to even cleanse your own energies and their are different rituals that you can do for this.

To make your own smudge sticks is simple. Firstly collect some sage from a herb garden or even buy a bunch of sage from the market.

A bundle of sage and a ball of white cotton twine placed on a dark grey ceramic tile.
Use cotton twine and sage leaves.

Then the method is simple just grab some string or cord that is made from natural fibres. It’s important that it burns with the sage. Simple bundle the sage leaves together in one hand. And wrap up in cotton string lightly but bringing together the leaves tight enough but not so tight that they might have trouble drying .

Bundle of sabre is bound up with white string.
Simply tie leaves in bundle with cotton twine.

Next simply hang bundle of sage upside down in air for a few weeks.

The sage bundle is hanging upside down from the ceiling inside a shed with silver insulation on walls. The top of a cupboard can be seen made of laquers wood and corregated iron.
Hang the bundle of herbs upside down to dry.

When the smudge stick is ready for use simple take down and use in your chosen ritual to heal, or cleanse.

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