New Outhouse, New Inhouse Too.

We all understand that in the bush you need to manage your waste. Well, the time has come when our outhouse pit was full and we then had to dig a new hole to move the ‘thunderbox’. We haven’t had a flushing toilet here partly because the previous owner didn’t have one installed and partly because of water scarcity. It is however something we plan to install when we build a bathroom and toilet onto the living area shed. Until then we will have to keep moving the outhouse around. Usually our urine we collect and it goes on the compost heap. 

A fruit tree will go in the compost pit.

And a tree will be planted in this old compost pit.

Where new toilet is being moved to.

This is the new Outhouse without the shelter on it yet,  we are waiting for some some strong young man to visit , and reign him in to help move the shelter to fit it over the newly dug long drop.  So you see, it’s good,  we have no neighbours, it’s a great view but rather out in the elements right now. I never really liked using it, and now I dont have too. , it’s Troys now, as I now have my own loo, in my shed! Whoohoo! To my surprise, Troy came home not long ago, with a welcome gift for me,  a porta-loo!! Awsome!  It’s so much more convenient,  than walking that far from the house in the backyard, especially at night or in the dead of winter, always checking for spiders, and surrounded with flies.He reclaimed it from a caravan he aquired a few years ago, the portaloo was still wrapped, never opened. So, it cost nothing, was brand new , solved a problem, and improved my toilet facilities to no end and brought a little convenience back  into my life.

( By the way,  I think everyone, should,  if owning a portaloo,  it should be your own. I might be being a bit of a princess, but I think, it’s not the sort of thing you want to share. I’ll categorize it as a personal hygiene product, ie, in  my opinion  it’s yours, and only you should empty it and clean it. You may think im being extravagant thinking everyone needs to have thier own toilet, but trust me, it’s a rather intimate type of toilet, and well that’s just how I feel about my waste, I don’t want anyone else being that  intimate with it. And I wouldn’t want to sit that closely on someone else’s waste,  or have to clean or empty their portaloo.) So, while resorces permit, I’m not sharing my portaloo!

Flushing portaloo

So now I feel more civilized,  I have a flushing toilet that just needs emptying every once and a while, and filling with flushing water. I clean it out with vinegar and an earth friendly loo cleaner that is grey water safe. There are additive products availiable that control odour and breakdown waste, which can be very expensive, so  I’m yet to do some reserch on how to make your own diy product. 
Check my store page when it’s up, for grey water safe organic cleaning products that I can recommend and composting toilets or porta-loos.Composting toilets are similar, the liquid waste is collected in one chamber, the  solid waste,  once emptied, is used as compost,  instead of emptying the raw sewage out and disposing of it appropriately.In my case, I tip the waste down the long drop, in the outhouse, so it will be buried, and a tree planted on top of the full long drop.

So here it is in the corner of my shed.  A wash stand and a few sarongs and I have inside bathroom almost.

Enamel wash stand, and copper jug.

And so I managed to purchase this wash stand and a copper jug from the antique store,  so I have indoor loo and water to wash.  Yippee. Such a move forward, as my shed had no plumbing yet.  I have planned to add a kitchenette some day, with sink, and running water.

Indoor plumbing installed. Hidden nicely.

All hidden nicely behind some old furnishes.
We will, at some time, build a permanant toilet structure, that will be a composting toilet, in which you remove the compost from underneath the toilet structure and it can be , done correctly, used in the garden even on fruit and veg, after a certain amount of time.
 The shed I’m in,  is only half kitted out, and we intend on renovating two sheds together and completing the inside with natural organic finishes. As you can see the interior walls have not gone up yet , so too, does the ceiling need doing as well. And an organic, natural flooring. I cant understand why anyone would be inclined to cover the floor with plastic (linoleum )! 
Although there’s plenty to do,  as we see it, we have plenty of time. I came into this empty shed 18 months ago with a bag of clothes while traveling around looking for a few weeks work. And I’ve collected quite a few nik naks, and furniture to fix up in that time.
See some of my other posts to see what else I’ve added to my little humble abode, and how I go about creating home using organic natural items, and gradually eliminate plastic  and toxins from my home environment. 

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