Environmentally-Friendly Household Cleaners

Lots of people use a huge selection of chemical-laden home cleaners and products around the house on a daily basis.

What they might not understand is the truth that a lot of these chemicals can be harming to their health when breathed in. Apart from the inhalation element, skin inflammations frequently occur when coming into contact with many chemical cleaners.

Numerous disinfectants consist of phenol (aka carbolic acid) or cresol. These can attack the main nerve system, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas.

How can including a load of chemicals to your house environment benefit your health and tidiness. They might exterminate the germs, sure, however humans are gradually going to kill themselves off too, if they continue in this method. Many people aim to keep their homes a germ-free environment, however if our houses are kept so germ-free that our body immune systems no longer need to work as hard, we run the risk of compromising our immune systems.

I have actually never personally used the things, as I keep in mind the fumes when my mom used it when I was a kid, and that alone was adequate to put me off for life! Many oven cleaners launch fumes which may affect the breathing system, and contain ammonia and lye, which consume the skin. You do not get any chemical residue smell the next time you use the oven.

Lots of synthetic air fresheners launch nerve-deadening agents, which can interfere with your sense of smell. Natural aromatherapy oils would be a much more secure bet.

In a time when breathing illnesses such as asthma are at an all-time high, we should be looking to a more natural and mild way of keeping our homes tidy.

Using all-natural, non-toxic cleaning products around the home is the best defence versus dirt and grime, while keeping our bodies healthy, respecting the environment, and not tested on animals. Everyone’s a winner.

Numerous business claim their items are ‘natural’ however it’s best to inspect the labels, as they might only include a couple of natural active ingredients while still being packed with chemicals.

Purchasing from a well-known ethical, cruelty-free business is the very best method to go. Then, not just ought to their items be natural, safe and non-toxic, they should also be environmentally-friendly and not tested on animals.


  1. Very nice to know about your life and the choices you have in living it. As for the urbans it is so important to understand how much toxins we are consuming and polluting in the name of cleaning our homes . Nice and insightful post Sara.


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