Spinning and Weaving

Recently I found a group of women who meet once a week in town to learn the ancient arts of spinning wool and weaving fabric on looms. Mari, is an amazing teacher, who has been a teacher of these skills all her life, and now teachs us each week for free. It’s amazing, she really just wants to pass on her wisdom and knowledge and skills so these crafts are kept alive and skills pass on to the next generation.

Weaving rug on loom with sheep’s wool.

This is me using a loom. I’m not using spun yarn, I’m using raw black sheep’s wool, just little tufts of it are woven in with the vertical wool thread.

Using unspun wool.

It’s a simple way to start using the loom. My first article will be a floor rug for our entrance way floor.

This will be a floor rug when finished.

When I finish this article, I’m going to use the spinning wheel to learn how to spin wool into yarn. One of my neighbors owns an alpaca and I will use some wool from her to spin yarn, which I will dye and then weave into some fabric.

It’s so good to find people that can teach us these skills, it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, look out for a future blog on my progress.

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