Laundry Off Grid

What a great topic. So many things involved in washing your clothes with electrical and water considerations.

At the moment I’m washing by hand, mainly because the washing machine we bought needed the large generator to power it, the solar wasnt enough. Also it used a lot of water filling twice per cycle, and the worst thing about it was that it was electronic with a power board, and you could not change the cycle time or even do part of a cycle like just wash or just spin. And the shortest cycle was a quickwash of 45 min, of the noisiest generator running that whole time. We let it do one cycle then we switched off the large generator, packed it up and gave the machine to a neighbor, and I’ve been hand washing ever since.
And I like to use buckets and baskets made of natural materials, as every cheap plastic washing basket I’ve ever had in my past, breaks after just weeks, wasting money materials and causing landfill. I’ve learnt not to buy plastics that break, I like plastic pegs, I try not to fill the land if I can help it.

I have been experimenting with different eco-friendly organic detergents as hand washing is quite different from machine wash.
Firstly it helps if you can soak your load and agitate it every so often, so it’s a whole day thing a bit here and there, rather than a quick thing.
So detergents are important, in this photo I’m using an eucalyptus detergent, organic with pre soak added. It was one of the better ones, most importantly is grey water safe, you can recycle your water, and water the garden when your done.
Check out my recommended products for use with grey water on my store page.

Right now we are making do with a temporary clothes line under the awning.
And excitedly awaiting the delivery of our next washing machine, a more well thought our investment, a twin tub!
We shall see soon how it goes in another blog shortly.


    • Yes your right, I used my new twin tub today. It’s the best washing machine I’ve ever used, it’s awsome, it even runs on the solar! Thanks for your support.


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