Detox your Home

While you dont have much control over outside pollution, you do have control over what toxins or pollutants are in your home. Here are some guidelines to help you detoxify your home.

Detoxing your home can be a big job all at once. So I’ve found by putting a few little practices into place, can make it happen over time. Before you know it, most toxic things have been removed from your home and you have less and less plastic and pollutants around you.

The first idea I want to talk about is your habbits as a consumer. Being anti-plastic will change the type of items you buy and bring into your home. Refuse single use disposable items. As a conscious consumer, you want to firstly, try to buy items that are made of as much natural material as possible. Secondly, you want to bring items that are well made, and of a better quality into the home. We want to stay away from objects that are cheap and nasty and break easily, needing replacement. We want one well made toaster, not six badly made plastic, cheap toasters in landfill. Its a good idea even to save up and purchase the more valueable, quality item, rather than buy something that just creates landfill. Second-hand stores are a great way to find quality kitchenware, linen and solid wood funiture.

In the kitchen you can replace plastic containers with glass jars, pottery and metal canisters, when shoping, choose glass, paper and card, over plastic food packaging. There are wax cloths to use instead of glad wrap, greaseproof paper and foil, and biodegradable bags. Purchase cloths for cleaning that made from natural fibers and biodegradable.

Natural organic cleaning products should replace any harsh chemical cleaning products you still have, which should be disposed of thoughtfully.

Install non-toxic flooring ,replacing carpets and vinyls with ceramic tiles or natural hardwood. Carpets are really heavy air polluters, and vinyls emitt chemicals called plasticizers.

Avoid lead based paints and use water based sealants. You can use oil and wax finishes on wood instead of laquers.

Check for radon and asbestos, you may need professionals. Breathing asbestos is directly related to lung cancer.

Use an air purifyer with a high efficiency particulate air {HEPA} filter. You may also want to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Prevent mould and mildew buildup, this can be very toxic and make you very ill.

To pevent carbon monoxide poisoning, use fuel burning appliances and gas burning appliances properly. Also check combustion heating and cooling systems regulaly thoughout the year.

Bring fresh air in, open windows. Purify your home with Plants. Some common houseplants, like spider plants, philodendron and the Peace Lilly remove pollutants from the air.

A simple custom like removing shoes indoors, keeps particulates outside, also abstain from drycleaning your clothes as most drycleaners use solvents on your clothes and which end up directly on skin.

Using a water filter will reduce chlorine exposure from town water. Catching rainwater in a tank for drinking water is a great idea, and tastes much better.

To keep electrical pollution {or electromagnetic smog} out of the bedroom. Electromagnetic fields interfer with your health and disturb your sleep patterns. Keep your devices out of the bedrooms and limit wifi in your home when not being used.

Finally use natural materials and furnishings in your home . Choose solid wood , natural fabrics, silk, cotton, flax, linen and rayon. Purchase pillows and doonas made from down and wool or cotton. Metal, cane, rattan , the list goes on. Furnishings made with natural materials also have a look of quality and taste compared to that of plastic objects.

Implementing some of these suggestions will help you make that transition of detoxing the home not so overwhelming if you do a little at a time.

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